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The importance of creating a website

We all aware that a website is an inexpensive mean of advertising that is available to everyone with internet access. It not only benefits the company but also the clients who seek to know more about the company and the products or services it offers. One of the advantages of having a website is that you reach a mass audience in a short period of time as opposed to other advertising tools such as the radio, newspaper advertisements and flyers. It is also a means of attracting new potential clients and investors who seek to find out more about the company. With all that being said a website contributes at large to the profitabilty and success of a company. 


Creating our website has been both fun and challenging. We had to take note of the way we construct our website so it corresponds with our company. We also had to listen and respects each others opinions and ideas in order to create a website that not only appeals to external stakeholders but internal stakeholders as well. We also had to ensure that we inform people about our company but also keep it brieve and straight to the point and  not overload people with unnecessary information. Through this assignment we not only saw the importance of creating a website but also the huge role information technology plays in the business world today. How it enhances the image of the company,  enables people to work  more efficiently and effectively and it is easy to implement into the business structure of the company.


So would you guys agree that information technology and creating a website play a huge part in the success of a business? Think about the advantages that go along with creating a website and how IT can make you much easier than it was before. I mean its the 21st century we all need to upgrade don't you agree?


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