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I had the pleasure of working with six beautiful and itelligent women on this project and I have to say, I dont know whats more complicated,  WOMAN or TECHNOLOGY. I  had a few great ideas of my own, but they were outshined and unspoken for seeing as I was the only man in the group. Their ideas were creative and effective, but I wished I could have been given a bigger platform.

There where times where I would get of topic and get lost in one's eyes. We would indulge in a topic about how she was my battery-she gave a smart system like me LIFE. When Steve Jobbs created the I-pad, its main focus was to make life simple. Its advanced technology, which was before time, defined informatics.SMART.Simple.Effective.Tecnologies saviour. An I-pad is more than a digital tablet, it can hold one's lifestyle, connections, working environment and even certain unessesary tools that can benefit you. A real women can do this too. The woman I worked with are more than capable of holding a family together. They would remind me of meetings, do the work when I was unavailable, held me up when I looked like death, reminded me to add this post and even tolerated me where most would have abandoned.

In the end I learned about how women are as much of a necessity as technology. Real men need real women who show emotion, which is something technology cannot replace. Best served cold - with a beer at hand.


I'm not only a sophisticated certified Internal Auditor but im also a lady who likes surfing the net and reading about celebrities and their lifestyles and evrything and i've realised that it takes up so much time going from one source to the other and still reading about the same person. I've discovered that actually going on to their own websites and reading about them there is much easier and more informative and very interesting because they also have galleries with their pictures on and even personal blogs so one can actually see clearly what they are going through.


I don't think that websites are only important for celebrities but also for businesses and exposure. The importance of a website in the business world is that it showcases the essence of the business as well as all the information about it so people so people can easily relate with the business. It provides a much more broad view on the business and the concepts of it, as it first of all tells you about the business, and then they present to you a gallery where you can see their experiences in their pictures and then they also provide their contact details, direction and every little detail, so it is very effective.


Lastly i would like to urge everyone to have a website because it is not only a formal thing, but one can also play around with and can tell and show people who you really are and your everyday experiences through words and pictures. Try it, it is so much fun!


Noxolo Peter



Impact of Information Technology on Businesses

ZULU ZM 12089819

Everyone is aware of the fact that IT certainly has  had a significant effect on all business would agree that things wouldn't be so easier if IT didn't exist at all,I mean like who doesn't enjoy a home shopping?.....You know what I'M talking about guys imean E-commerce,well if you don't know what's that don't worry u going to find out's simple, it's just a transaction of business online


If we look at a broad spectrum of IT,then the impact on business is vast .IT is affecting nearly every facet of human behaviour ,and that effect is to speed up, to simplify the process of work, of innovation as well as of scientific exploration.


  • Fast effecive and efficient mass of production
  • Reaching mass audience on a short time period
  • Extensive business and management database of articles by leading experts,consultant and coaches
  • Software tools guides and resources on planning , scheduling, monitoring and evaluating projects
  • Resources, software tools and guides for managing employee training and development








  • Because of extra capacity that computers give people, many are four times more efficient in their jobs than they were before
  • This increase in individuals production capacity is having marked effect on GDP in many countries 


Alex Waterton stated that 'Over 80% of the human workforce could be far more productive and efficient if businesses were to allocate sufficient time,effort and funding for appropriate and well structured training programs to staff using the IT 





ZULU ZM 12089819



The importance of creating a website

We all aware that a website is an inexpensive mean of advertising that is available to everyone with internet access. It not only benefits the company but also the clients who seek to know more about the company and the products or services it offers. One of the advantages of having a website is that you reach a mass audience in a short period of time as opposed to other advertising tools such as the radio, newspaper advertisements and flyers. It is also a means of attracting new potential clients and investors who seek to find out more about the company. With all that being said a website contributes at large to the profitabilty and success of a company. 


Creating our website has been both fun and challenging. We had to take note of the way we construct our website so it corresponds with our company. We also had to listen and respects each others opinions and ideas in order to create a website that not only appeals to external stakeholders but internal stakeholders as well. We also had to ensure that we inform people about our company but also keep it brieve and straight to the point and  not overload people with unnecessary information. Through this assignment we not only saw the importance of creating a website but also the huge role information technology plays in the business world today. How it enhances the image of the company,  enables people to work  more efficiently and effectively and it is easy to implement into the business structure of the company.


So would you guys agree that information technology and creating a website play a huge part in the success of a business? Think about the advantages that go along with creating a website and how IT can make you much easier than it was before. I mean its the 21st century we all need to upgrade don't you agree?


BL Mpofu 11224925


How does social networking impact your life

SOCIAL NETWORKING is a phenomenon that is here to STAY!!!!!! I mean with social networking apps like facebook, twitter, BBM & whatsapp. Its got me wondering if these social networking apps are impacting our lifes in a good way, I mean students hardly focus when a lecture teaches as they are constantly on their phones. I know some might argue saying that "we can multi-task" BUT REALLY is that true? Can you really study while you are on facebook or tweeting. My theory is that YES without all these social networking apps socializing would really be dull BUT at the same they are influencing our studies and our ability to interact with people physically negatively, whether we will admit or not. IT'S TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Social networking is also influencing people's productivity in the workplace, well this has got me worried on people's ethics.As a young & competent lady striving to be a CIA(certified internal auditor) I think it's TOTALLY UNETICAL! Statistic have even shown that social netwoking has many disadvantages(like I've mentioned before) in America majority of accidents are caused by a simple thing like "textin" or 'tweeting" and companies have lost millons of money because employees would rather be oon facebook or their smartphones- instead of doing what they are paid for.

My final vadedict is that we should use discernment there is a time & place for social networking lets not let it control our lives to the extent that it brings instability & disfunction!!! Soo... YES "tweet" & "like" on facebook but do it WISE

Karabo Modise



Does IT infringe on people's privacy

I.T has recently started playing a huge role in our society, today. Seeing that we are now more computer literate than before, it is far easier for us to hack into personal accounts such as our spouse's facebook, twitter or myspace profiles. I see no problem with this at all.. I mean Sharing is Caring, right ?



The only thing better than hacking into personal accounts is manipulating your husband into giving you the pin to his credit card and going on a "SWIPING SPREE" .. Seeing that carrying money in wallets is so 'Romeo and Juilet' ago, I.T specialists were definately catering to us, women, when they invented atm machines. I mean you don't even need any form of identification when using a bank card .. All you need is a pin, which is easily accessible by the undo-ing of your bra, Ladies !!



Ok, fine let's get serious now. I guess there are some negatives to consider when violating the privacy of someone else. Divorces may occur, due to the fact that relationships on social networks are the 'it' thing these days regardless of if you're in a commited relationship. "Although it's not considered to be an affair if you don't actually see the person", is what most adulters' would say.. can you say Pathetic ?!



How about those computer geeks who find it so intriguing to hack into top secret programmes just for the fun of it.. Leaving behind viruses n worms n all sorts of unmentionables. Businesses, the Government and especially Banks should consider implementing stronger protection measures to disable the hacking of valuable information.



You may have noticed I didn't attach a negative to the whole "SWIPING SPREE" issue.. Well that's because there is NO negative. If your husband gets bankrupt cause of all your spending, calmly withdraw the pre-nup he FORCED you to sign and remind him that, "What's your's isn't mine, Babe" .. And head out that door !!



Donna Nhlema



New Consumer Act


B Motsepe 12075974

INF 112 has really opened my eyes towards how IT and information systems impact the world around us. We have seen how information systems are used in our everyday lives. This really makes you appreciate the development of these systems because they make life easier. Now everywhere I go I see the use of information systems and just smile.   

Because of information systems I am now able to access the latest news about the new consumer act.

Truly grateful for the developments of information system that are in place now and those that are still to come, this will make our lives so much easier!!

So through the INTERNET I was able to view the benefits of the new Consumer Act.

Let’s talk about some of its benefits….

  • Gone are the dreaded telemarketer calls and junk mail flyers. At least according to the Consumer Act.
  • According to the new Consumer Act telemarketers aren’t ALLOWED to bombard us with their calls and leaflets on certain days of the year and certain times in the day.
  • Impulse buyers, this is for us.
  • According to this clause, we will have five business days to change your mind about that mid-life crisis purchase or that BEAUTIFUL Harley you fell in love with.
  • All we have to do is notify the company in writing, and they’ll have 15 days to pay us back in full.
  • Ever been billed for a contract you thought expired but clearly hasn’t…I know I have.
  • But thanks to the new act, automatic contract renewals are no longer allowed. Companies will have to contact you in writing between 40 and 80 business days before your contract expires and ask whether you want to renew the contract or not

 These are few among many!!  Go to and check it out

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